Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Importance of Being Connected.

Sometimes, I just feel like rolling my yoga mat out, putting my onesie on and just having some me time.
And that's great.
'Me' time is a fab way to listen to your body, connect with your mind and kind of dive into your thoughts and feelings. No distractions, no chit chat, nothing.


I have noticed that when I feel connected with others, something magical happens. To stay connected to the universe, you've gotta stay true to yourself, but surrounding yourself with people you love and people that have the same interests in you can sometimes feel just amazing.
I'll give you an example; recently, I went to the most spectacular yoga supper club called 'Rocket 'N' Raw' which was organised by the lovely Secret Urban Escape. It featured a rocket yoga class led by Kathryn Fielding, which was fab, and then followed up by a delicious raw three course meal by Well and Happy

. Of course I was excited to go, but I was a little nervous - I often feel like I'm not quite 16 yet, I'm still to be treated like a child or something but no, I went with my mum and absolutely loved the whole experience. At the dinner part, I got to talk to a whole bunch of lovely yogis and we talked about yoga retreats, juice, pasta salads and cycling and it just felt wonderful to be a part of a community, even only for a couple of hours. I came home feeling inspired and motivated to properly push my passion for yoga.

The internet is amazing. Sometimes scary, yes, but on the whole it's pretty great. I can go onto Instagram and see into the lives of some amazing people, and even that is wonderful. Being connected to yourself is the most important thing, I believe. But when you combine that with being connected to other like minded and loving people, it is sensational.

So treat yourself - buy a ticket to a yoga event, or a spinning event, or a supper club or a baking class or whatever you're into, and open up and meet new people, go to new places and immerse yourself in kindness, love and gratitude.

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