Who is the Green Beanie?

Hello and welcome to my blog!
This blog is all about being GREEN, cause this world gets a little grey sometimes (was that a bit cheesy?). I'll be writing lifestyle posts, vegan recipes, reviews of vegan cafes and events, sustainable fashion and eco bits and bobs, I hope you like it!
I'm Beanie, formally known as Erin. I'm 16, becoming a fitness instructor very soon and aspiring to be some kind of period actress. I've been a veggie pretty much all of my life, although I ate fish fingers until the age of 2 because I thought it was okay to eat "ugly fish" (I KNOW I'M A BAD PERSON OKAY), and I was vegan when I was about 13 until I struggled with weight and got all a bit spidery and anemic. Now, I'm vegan once again because of all those little animals, and I'm as happy and healthy as can be!


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