Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Memories and Advent Calendars


It's been a while. Again (again).
I do so apologise for being a la absent, but blogging really hasn't entered my mind, and I feel like I'm in a constant battle of finding balance at the moment. Balance between college work, yoga teacher training, going to the gym and doing nothing. I should be reading, writing a diary, working on my presentation, doing yoga for 2 hours a day but sometimes i just want to sit down with a cup of tea and some (correction: a lot of) peanut butter and watch vlogmas videos and do absolutely nothing, but I need to take blogging and possibly youtube in the mindset of fun, rather than work, and they capture such gorgeous memories and I am one to stalk my own old blogs and youtube accounts just to suck up all the festive-y memories.

So, it's December! If anyone knows me at all they'll know I'm a little bit of a Christmas addict (again, correction: a massive christmas-aholic). The festive season, no matter what holiday you celebrate, just brings so much joy and sparkly goodness into day to day life, whether that's a smile from the barista as you order your Christmas blend latte, or whether it's a group of people singing horribly but merrily out of tune to Shakin' Stevens.

My mum's made me this amazing advent calendar; each day is a new thing, whatever that may be. The days so far have ranged from everything from getting a little bar of dark chocolate, to going to a wintery walk, to getting some festive deely-boppers, so maybe that'll be what I blog about each day. Today, the 9th of December, I've been granted with a little mid week treat in the from of some 70% chocolate wrapped in golden paper. Looooovely stuff.

Have a gorgeous week everyone, lots of love!


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