Tuesday, September 8, 2015

'I Come From'

I now attend college, which means I'm a big grown up girl (even if I still sit with my legs crossed wearing a hat and making my family make me almond milky tea).
And in college today, I went to my first creative writing course where we did this lovely exercise that included taking a poem and shaping into a bit of an auto biography poem.
The poem we shaped was called "I Come From" by Robert Seatter, and here's my altered version:

I come from a village absolutely packed
with small children and over 60s',
from warm smiles, cosy homes,
rain visible from the cafe windows,
fitness teachers and greetings
if you look them right in the eye
I come from hippy upbringings,
eco toilet cleaners, atheist
ideas, peace and love
I come from 'The Green Bible Book',
doodles, scribbles, dancing,
a complete set of christmas spices
a family of independents with a love for speaking their mind
a London grandfather, an Essex grandmother
with a happy chappy accent
I come from happiness
I come from Jai Ho: Pussycat Doll
ukuleles, films, tea cosies
I come from slugs in the lettuce
and patterns and colours that I bring with me
back from the yoga studio
I come from extravagence
I come from where people don't judge

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