Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year....

I may have a little negative in my last post, but I really am grateful for this year. And the time ahead.
I can't help but look back and feel upset about how crap time at school was and how much I hated doing GCSE's, and blah blah blah but actually you know what, I am incredibly grateful. Some people don't get education, and I've had plenty of it. I also started my time at a wonderful college and have now made friends I LOVE that accept me as I am.
And, my fab family and puppies were there for me, so I am eternally grateful for that (blimey it's all getting a bit deep now, isn't it!).

This 2016, I'm really hoping to start on my 'proper' journey, my work-y journey. To really start up as a yoga teacher and really begin to focus in on drama as best as I can.
I will get the stuff I may not be as keen on done, so I can really bring the attention into the stuff I love.

I haven't really been into blogging that much this year either, and although I say this every year I would really like to push the blogging a little bit more.

Wishing everyone a sparkly, wonderful year ahead.

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