Thursday, December 24, 2015


Happy Christmas everyone!!!!

I've had a gorgeous Chrsitmas Eve so far: yoga, last minute bits and bobs shopping, lovely lunch, baking, wrapping, eating mince pies - yeah!
Over this December (and I guess, most of the year....) I've been a bit up and down. I've been happy, smiley, yogi, bouncy Esh and then the next minute I've been extremely upset, angry and frustrated making myself workout because I ate some cake. It's been a swirly in my mind and next year (and for the rest of this year) I really want to try my hardest to dedicate myself to my passions so that there is no room for silliness.
Even yesterday, I was excited and festive and then someone said the weather was mild for this year and that was it. I plummeted in mood and started crying saying "it's not gonna be the same as last Christmas!" - I mean, how stupid is that? And it's not just the chilly-but-not-freezing weather, it's been everything from not doing yoga in the morning to how my tummy looks; all absolutely ridiculous, narcissistic, self obsessed tiny little things that actually don't matter. What matters? Love. Peace. Health. Happiness. So when I'm having a silly tizz over something meagre and petty, I need to really bring myself back to now - how lucky I am and how grateful I am for even just living right now.

Munch mince pies, laugh with your favourite people and smile when people open your gifts, and most importantly, love and enjoy the last gorgeous, sparkly, beautiful part of 2015.

Love and light and festive fancies,

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