Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Want

I won't lie. I don't want Christmas to be over.
I feel different at this festive time, I feel jolly and warm and cosy and free and kind.
Like, what if I end up being scrooge the rest of the year?
But I need to flip this sorrow into something positive by thinking how bloody lucky I am to have had such a beautiful time so far in my life and just look forward to 2016. I know you can always start intentions and resolutions but this big back to beginning just feels so huge and different. I feel motivated to stay present yet still know there's an exciting year ahead!
I want to get rid of stupid OCD rituals completely, get rid of any tendencies I have left over from silly old eating habits that caused me to get skinny and unhappy and this time not just write this and say it but secretly carry on, I mean really stop.
I want to truly embody love, freedom and happiness.

Thank you 2015 for being a gorgeous albeit stressful year.
Here's to 2016... a year hopefully full of love and enjoyment, and staying cool through the tough bits.
Love to all.

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