Thursday, August 13, 2015

Globe Trotting Yogi: Meadow Lark Yoga Studio in Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh.
Everything from the drizzling skies, to the patchwork roads. The beautiful crepe stands to the promise of a warming chai in a cafe.

Every year, we come to Edinburgh for the festival and it is WONDERFUL, but this year I had a little something I was almost concerned with - how to keep my physical yoga practice up. Last year was the first year I was properly into fitness but luckily we stayed in a rather large flat and I managed to do kickboxing and pilates at home (my two faves), but this year I'm into fitness and stuff a whole lot more. The gym in my village is my second home and I adore it, so mum and I managed to grab a festival gym pass somewhere near where we're staying now but no yoga. I'm trying to keep doing my sun salutations in the morning and sneaking in some arm balances and balances here and there whilst exploring, but I do miss a full on class so I treated myself to a workshop at Edinburghs' infamous yoga studio, Meadow Lark.
Not gonna lie, I was ECSTATIC. I know this sounds fan girl-y and nerdy but I'd been basically stalking the studios' instagram over July just lusting over the gorgeous looking pictures and it delivered in it's gorgeous-ness. I did a 3 hour Hatha yoga workshop with Eleanor Spring, and as soon as I walked in the door I knew it was my thing.

Greeted by a smile, I plopped my Birkenstocks in the shoe holder (what is it with yogis and birkenstocks? I nearly took someone else's!) and made my way down to the Moon Studio. Promising already, huh? It gets better: the smell of incense lightly filled my lungs. In the studio, tealight candles made the room feel dream like and incredibly relaxing, whilst light decoration and that gorgeous smell of incense still made me feel energised. Fast forward lots of smiling, bakasana play and a long blanket covered savasana, and I was out. Beaming. Energised. Invigorated. I don't care how cheesy it is, I felt detoxed just by the pure happiness that covered the studio,

Plus, they have a cafe.

Yes, I ordered a large banana bread flavoured smoothie.

Yes, I guzzled it in about 30 seconds.

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