Thursday, May 7, 2015

Doing What ACTUALLY Makes You Feel Great

How often is it that you find yourself eating something just because you don't have much time, or you've just read about its' amazing health benefits? How often are you participating in something and feeling bored, angry, or uncomfortable?

I'm on a journey to feel my best. It's a constant journey but it's always changing and turning and there are always new innovative ideas - some of which I find are crap and don't work for me and some are amazing and can't believe I haven't done them before.
We're always learning and being taught something, anything in our lives.

Recently I have noticed myself doing things that actually don't make me feel great - they're just silly little things, but sometimes they can make my whole day feel off-ish (off-ish? You get what I'm trying to say).
Tuesdays  and Thursdays are my big gym session days - exercise has completely and utterly changed my life and way of living and thinking, but after those two hours a girl's gotta refuel. I have to cook for myself on those days, but my original plan had been destroyed by the fact my dad had eaten the dinner I had prepared (it's okay, I forgave him... just) so instead I had steamed brocolli, half an avocado and marinaded kale salad. I love greens (hence the name) and absolutely ADORE all of those things with all my heart, but I wasn't in the mood for it after that gym session. I really wanted something hearty, like chilli and brown rice with salad or a big sweet potato, but instead I thought to myself "this is healthy, just eat it." and ate it. I enjoyed it, but after I didn't feel great. I felt low and icky so I had some raspberries - I wanted a bowl of rice puffs with banana, but instead ate raspberries. Come midnight and I was feeling really, super... manky, to be honest.

Listening to your body is SO important. Hunger signs can vary from rumbling tummies, sudden anger, feelings of violence, light headed feelings, etc. And sometimes we've got to listen to our bodies DEEP DOWN to find what makes us actually feel good. How good do you feel after eating fast food? Great because it's been a lovely experience? A bit lethargic? It goes the same with anything. How do you feel inside? Emotionally? Internally? I just had a big mug of cacao rice milk warmed up because although I wasn't hungry, I just felt like it, ya know? I got that feeling! And this doesn't mean that we should go and get a massive chocolate bar when we're craving things but it's about tuning into yourself and your feelings. This just sounds really stuck up from me, but after years of guilty feelings about eating and OCD tendencies, I'm ready for a change.

I think listening to yourself is so important. Somethings in life are just essential and although they may not be fun, we just gotta do them. But some things that are there to make you feel great about yourself and others can make you feel such horribly negative feelings. I'll give you another cheeky little anecdote; I have thought since year 9 that I loved running. But recently before running, I've been feeling all fluttery; not the nice flutter of excitement before going to my favourite class at the gym, but the scared-of-failing kind of flutter. When running, I felt a bit sick and extremely weak. There were no euphoric feelings in my body, only nasty thoughts! But exercise is there to not only keep us healthy and fit, but also be a release and make us feel AMAZING, which is the way I feel after aerobox, pilates, yoga or cycling, but just not running. Like I said at the beginning people are always changing, so my feelings may change with time, but listening to my body and going home early and doing some yoga was the best idea. And sometimes I'll catch myself doing something like freaking out over something really stupid like a bug, for example, and letting it ruin my mood.

It's time to take control - you are so special and unique, so take care of yourself and do what makes you feel great!

Ooh, and one more thing - practising gratitude can change so much. Just listing three things you're grateful for in the morning or at night, or simply really being present and taking in when someone has been nice or done something lovely can make you feel really amazing.

Also, welcome to my new blog! On the about page I'll be explaining a little more about this but please hang around and invite your friends! I hope you enjoyed this post (albeit it was a little scruffy...) and if you have any suggestions for other posts please comment them below!


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