Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fortify Cafe, Maidstone Kent - Review

I woke up, did some sweaty yoga practise and made myself a mean bowl of hazelnut porridge.
Tunes playing loudly, mum, dad and I all drove off to Kent for the day as dad had work there; quite a few hours later, we were all hungry and needed some good old plant based fuel. Where did we go? Fortify Cafe.

Fortify Cafe is a small, gorgeous and unique cafe which is 100% vegan. The ladies working there were lovely, the place was clean and really cute. One look at the menu, and the indecisive beanie had a meltdown.
"Should I go for the falafel and tomato chutney grilled sandwich or the sweet potato quinoa bake or the seitan kebab or should I go for something else? Do I want a sandwich? Maybe I don't.. Should I have the soup instead? Are we gonna have cake too? Do I need to pace myself? WHAT SHOULD I DO?" Yeah, it was a pretty tough time.

In the end I went for the homemade falafel and tomato chutney grilled sandwich which came with some salad (with the yummiest dressing, could've done with more of that it was so good!) and some crisps (which dad ate, "sneakily"). I also had the mango, banana and orange smoothie, which was a whopper, and later had the raw carrot and walnut cake.

The sandwich was deeelish. The flavours just went hand in hand perfectly, and it was really hot all the way through and filling and just lovely! What I also loved about this cafe was that it's the perfect mix of healthy and not-so-healthy. Sometimes vegan cafes are filled with "happen-to-be-vegan" things like white bread, and sometimes they kind of just appeal to the health nuts, which is great, but this felt like a perfect blend. My mum and I are both fully vegan so obviously this cafe was a massive excitement, but even though my dad loves fish, milk and cheese, he could not stop going on about how much he loved his mint "lamb" seitan kebab! Even the day after he is reminiscing about the lovely flavours!
my sarnie and opposite mums' cashew cheese and sausage sandwich which we all loved and nabbed a bite of!

one happy, sleepy and makeup-free beanie. Who needs to look nice when there's food.
dads' "kebab"
The smoothie was divine, but the cake I wasn't as keen on but that is purely because I have quite a sensitive stomach and I find processing a larger amount of raw foods and fats is really hard and makes me feel really tired, but the flavour was lovely.

I can't wait to go back again, which is annoying seeing as I don't live anywhere near it, but if you do (or if you don't!), please visit Fortify Cafe and give it some plant based love!

PS. The almond milk flat white. Just try it. You'll thank me (HOW DO THEY MAKE IT SO FROTHY?!)

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