Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Simple: Love Yourself!

There are countless tips and tricks to get flatter stomachs, shinier hair, healthier hearts.
We're always told to look at nature, watch less TV, go on instagram less.
But we don't always need these little quick tips and fast fixes all the time - yeah, they can be fun to try out and sometimes you do something that clicks with you and sometimes it doesn't, and THAT'S FINE! (eg. I absolutely cannot stand lemon water in the morning, however detoxifying it may be - it just makes me feel lethargic all day, but, I find 5 minutes of meditation in the morning rocks my day... in a good way... does that make sense?)

Whilst I was just chilling out after a stressful week of exams, some things just clicked in my head. I've spent 16 years being told a lot of STUFF;

We're always bombarded by facts and statistics and simplistic daily occurrences are drilled into our minds, but sometimes I just get this wonderful feeling and all my angsty teenage stresses leave my body, and I've finally realised what it is. It's loving yourself.

When you think about it, if you truly love yourself, everything comes simply. Plant based foods filled with vitamins and nutrients do make you feel better, and look all shiny and glossy, and actually they're often pretty darn enjoyable, so by eating them you're nurturing yourself. Getting a sweat on, or your 'OMMMMMMMM!' on gives you a burst of endorphins, makes you feel better about yourself, and suddenly you're radiating rainbows and unicorns, so by exercising you're NOURISHING yourself. See the pattern? It's not like you're slumping through life, hating what you do, hating what you're being told to eat and just feeling icky, suddenly by caring for yourself you don't have to sob over the NHS food guide, you find what feels good and everything kind of slots into place (note: not everything, that is dazzling it up a bit, but everything that comes from within).

For me, and note that this is just me, getting some weight training in makes me feel strong and confident, doing kickboxing makes me get a rush of endorphins and makes me feel super duper happy, yoga teaches me to love myself and radiate natural beauty and happiness. Eating vegan not only makes me feel fab inside and out, but also lets me love and be passionate about what I believe in. Wearing colours gives me a boost. Baking gives me energy. Laughing and smiling make me feel my best.

Reading this back, it kind of sounds like I'm tooting my own horn (is that a saying? Is it appropriate in this context?) but this whole love yourself isn't always the case. Only until very recently, I must stress, have I really realised this and actually opened up to what lovely health and lifestyle gurus are always talking about. I still get days when I feel the need to wear leggings and a giant jumper to cover up my belly, and I still sometimes feel crap even after eating lots of fruit - but it's okay, it's a constant journey and it feels great just to be present, notice my feelings and try to make myself feel as happy and healthy as possible, whether I do that by drinking a green smoothie with some rice cakes or by eating a vegan piece of chocolate cake with Swedish Glace icecream (throw back to last night...).

So just try it, either forget what you deem to be an "imperfection", or work it. If you're gonna get shot down, take that thing and OWN it. I've always been super self concious of my nose, but finally I will stop trying to hide in and getting haircuts that are "suitable" for a big nose - I'll cut my hair however I want, not hide behind my glasses and y'know what? I'm getting a nose piercing! I couldn't care less if I was drawing attention to it anymore. Find what makes you feel good and start really loving yourself.

What makes you feel fab, free and fearless (gosh that was cheesy)?

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